On-The-Spot Checkout allows you to quickly check out a customer. This method of checkout can be used for one-time customers purchasing in-stock or pre-made products, such as a real estate sign frame. Using On-The-Spot Checkout ties the order history to the "Walk-In" Customer account within your system.

Important Items to Remember when using On-The-Spot Checkout:

  • Checking out in this manner will not track or move the order through the system workflow.
  • Payment in full is required at time of purchase.
  • Customer selection is disabled. The purchase will be tied to Walk-In Customer.

Using On-The-Spot Checkout

  1. Start by selecting Quick Price.
  2. Create the products for the order, and click Next Step.

  3. Here, you will see the Finalized Quick Price. This will display your Product(s) Summary. Review and click Next Step.

  4. To Finalize the order, select the Checkout button.

  5. Here you have the following options: 
    1. Choose Location:  If you have more than one location, select the appropriate location.
    2. Choose Tax Group:  Tax will be set to your default tax group, as set in the Management Module. If needed, adjust it here.
    3. Order Contact:  Enter the customers first and last name (required). Email, phone, & address entry is optional.  
      NOTE:  If you want to save this order under a specific customer record, select Back to Convert Options and proceed with converting to an Estimate or Order, which will require you to select a customer from your database, or enter a new customer.

    4. Order Description:  Enter the description you wish to use. This will appear on the customer's invoice. This description can also be seen when searching order history.
    5. Enter Payment & Save Order:  Payment in full is required at time of purchase when using this method of checkout.  

      NOTE:  Once the payment is entered, the order Status will automatically be updated to CLOSED.