Each CoreBridge system comes with a Walk-In Customer created in the system. This customer is intended to be used for a customer that is a walk-in and you do not wish to create a new customer or track their specific order history on a customer level.

NOTE:  This customer can be inactivated, but cannot be deleted or merged into another customer.  

Walk-In Customer Record

Steps to view your Walk-In Customer Record

  1. Navigate to Customers, and select Search.
  2. Type "WALK" into the Company Name field, and then select Search. (If the customer has been set as inactive, be sure to check the Include Inactive box in the Search criteria.)
  3. Select your Walk-In Customer.

Unlike other Customer records, your default Walk-in Customer account does NOT allow for editing contacts, addresses, etc.  

The only tabs available for this customer is History & Analytics (based on your CoreBridge package).  

  • (A) Under the History tab, you can search Orders, Estimates, Payments & Account activity
  • (B) Under the Analytics tab (if available with your CoreBridge package), you can review your Average Order Amount & Total Sales for this customer account.

Using your Walk-In Customer on an Estimate / Order

When creating an estimate or order, select your Walk-In Customer when prompted for the Customer name.  

  1. In the Sales Module, start by creating a New Estimate or Order. (Estimates / Orders > Create New).
  2. From the Order Details screen, type your Walk-In Customer name into the Customer field, or select the magnifying glass to search for your Walk-In customer account.
  3. Enter the Estimate/Order Description. 
  4. Enter the Order Contacts First & Last name. These are required fields.  

        NOTE:  If this is a customer that plans to re-order, it is recommended that a NEW customer record is created specifically for the customer.

  5. Select the Tax Group, Salesperson & Sales Center as needed for the order.
  6. Click Next Step. Proceed with the remainder of your Estimate / Order entry process as normal.