New users can be easily added to the system. You can manage access rights for each user individually and also include additional information for reference.

Adding New Users

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Users > Add New User
  2. Enter the user's first and last name.
  3. Enter the user's company email.

        NOTE:  Company email addresses for users must be unique in the system.

  4. Check these boxes if the user is a salesperson and should be included in sales goals.
  5. Check this box if the user is a designer or may need design tasks assigned to them.
  6. Select the user's primary location.
  7. Enter the user's gender, date of birth, and their wedding anniversary. (Optional)
  8. Enter the username and temporary password.
  9. Enter the user's contact info and indicate whether the cell and work numbers can be used in customer communication.
  10. Enter the user's mailing address. (Optional)

  11. Define the user as a Non-Admin User or System Administrator.

        NOTE:  System Administrators will have access to the entire system.

  12. If the user is a Non-Admin, select a Predefined User Role if needed.
  13. Scroll through the list of modules in the left column and check any that the user can access.
  14. Select which module should be the user's Start Module or home screen, by clicking on the appropriate button below the module name.
  15. If the user has access to a module, review the information in the question marks as needed, then check the boxes next to the activities you'd like to give the user access to.

  16. Click Create New User

  17. Upload a user photo if available. (Optional)
  18. Click Email User Login Info to review and edit the email that will send the username and temporary password to the user.

  19. Review the information in the email then click Send Email.