You can setup or edit your existing income accounts in CoreBridge to help track your revenue. The Income Accounts should match the Income Accounts currently found in your accounting software such as QuickBooks or Xero.

NOTE:  Before you begin, have all of your income accounts along with their related account numbers or GL codes on hand. Also, if you're part of a franchise, you may only be able to add sub-accounts due to your franchise's requirements.

Each account must have a unique name. Even if your accounting application allows an account name to be used more than once it can no longer be the same for your CoreBridge sync. Duplicate account names must be changed in your accounting application so the names can be unique in CoreBridge.


Adding Income Accounts

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Global Settings > Income Accounts
  2. Enter the GL Code or Account Number.
  3. Enter the Income Account Name found in your accounting software that matches the GL Code you just entered.

  4. If the income account is a sub-account, enter the parent account here.
  5. Click Add Account.

Managing Income Accounts

  1. Once you’ve added accounts, you can update them by clicking Edit.
  2. You can activate or deactivate an account by clicking on the Status button.