Managing Locations and Company Settings

CoreBridge uses Locations to group all of your financial data. The location details should relate to a single sales location and will appear on communication with customers and vendors. Company settings and branding can be controlled at an individual location level.

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Locations > Manage Locations 
  2. Click on the location you wish to manage.

  3. Enter a name for the Location.
  4. Enter your Company's Location number if applicable. 
  5. Select the Time Zone related to this location.
  6. Set your Prefixes for Invoices, Estimates, and Purchase Orders.  

     NOTE:  If you have multiple locations, we recommend using the prefix to differentiate between locations. Example:  INV-LA for Los Angeles or INV-SF for San Fransisco.

  7. Upload a logo for this location. You can upload different logos for each location to utilize multi-location branding.

        NOTE:  Your logo will appear on reports, invoices, estimates, and other documents as well as in the upper left-hand corner of your system.

  8. You can add up to two optional Custom Links and text, which will always appear in the upper left-hand corner of your system.  If you choose to not use these, simply leave the fields blank.
  9. Enter the company name that your customers know you by. This is the name that is used throughout the system for this location and can be different for other locations in your system.
  10. Enter the company name you use on your tax and legal forms.
  11. Enter your Company's Slogan. This is optional.
  12. Enter your Company's EIN. This is optional and simply provides an easy to access reference.
  13. Enter the location's contact information including email address, phone and fax numbers, and your web domain.

     NOTE:  Any email address entered here must match one of your authorized email domains. For information on how to update your domain setting visit the Custom Outgoing Email Domain article.

  14. Enter your Company's address here for this location.
  15. Click Save Changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does multi-location branding allow me to do?

  • Use location-specific logos and details for each location.
  • Different locations can use differently branded login pages.
  • Tailor customer communications with location specific information on the following Customer Communications placeholders (view the Customer Communications Optionsarticle for additional information on using placeholders):
    • {{company.legalname}}
    • {{company.dba}}
    • {{company.slogan}}
    • {{company.EIN}}
    • {{}}
    • {{}}

I have a multi-location system. How do I access the branded login pages specific to each location?

You can find the links for each location by going to Management > Global Settings > Domain in your system. If you're using custom domains, these will be visible here as well. For more information on custom domains, view the Setting Up a Custom Domain/URL article.

This will typically follow this convention:


Your default URL such as can always be used and will use the primary location's branding (typically ID 2).

I have a multi-location system. Why do my default location specific URLs not start at 1?

Most systems have their location IDs starting at 2 since 1 is a reserved ID in the system. You can purchase wildcard SSL(s) and setup custom domains for each location by going to Management > Global Settings > Domain in your system. Keep in mind that you'll need a wild card SSL for each distinct domain you use, such as and If you're using the same domain for each location, you'll only need one wild card SSL.

I have a multi-location system. I use the same brand across all locations.

You can use the same or different branding on one or more locations.

I have a multi-location system. What branding will my customers see on the Customer Portal?

Your system will have location specific URLs that have the appropriate branding. The Portal link placeholder for emails will use the customer's assigned location to determining the correct link to send.

If your customer is using your default customer portal URL such as, they'll be presented with branding for your primary location at the login screen. Once logged in, the branding will update if their assigned location is different.

I have a multi-location system. Can I have multiple domains for my outgoing email?

Absolutely. A CoreBridge system can have any number of outgoing email domains. You can set your system to send from your location email address by navigating to Management > Global Settings > Domain > Email Settings and selecting the Send from Location email address option for your default outgoing email address.

    NOTE: If you have personalized email addresses enabled for a user, these will override your default location email when used. Personalized user email addresses are not context-sensitive and do not adapt to location settings.