This article will help you download and install the desktop sync tool. 

The sync tool is software created by CoreBridge to automate the import of CoreBridge data to your QuickBooks Desktop company file.

The sync tool is not used with QuickBooks Online.


  • Where should the sync tool be installed?
    • Install the sync tool an a computer that has access to your QuickBooks Desktop company file.
  • The computer is it installed on will be the computer that you manually run the sync from.
  • If the computer is being hosted through a hosting service, it may not be able to be installed or it may not function properly.
  • The software is Windows only. MAC OS is not supported.
  • If Windows does not have the required .NET Framework installed you will be prompted to download and install it from a Microsoft website.


QuickBooks must be installed before installing the sync tool.

A. Downloading the Sync Tool

  1. Open CoreBridge in Chrome or Firefox.

    Internet Explorer and Edge are not supported browsers. Your installation file may show as corrupted if you use those browsers to download.  CoreBridge Support will not be able to diagnose browser, firewall, or permissions settings preventing file downloads. 

  2. Navigate to Accounting Module > Accounting Export
  3. Click on Download Desktop Client. The download will start.
  4. The location of the downloaded installation file will be based on your browser's settings. The typical location is a folder named Downloads in your Windows user profile directory.
  5.  If you cannot find the downloaded file, you can search for filename CoreBridgeQuickBooksInstaller.exe using the search functionality in Windows.

B. Installing the Sync Tool

  1. If the sync tool is already installed and running, please completely close it. To do that, open Windows Task Manager (typically by pressing  Ctrl + Alt + Delete at the same time), select the process named CoreBridgeDesktop and end that task.
  2. Open/Run the installation file named CoreBridgeQuickBooksInstaller.exe. 
  3. If you encounter messages such as Windows preventing the installation because it is an unrecognized app, you can safely choose to run/install anyway. If Windows Defender displays a popup window, choose More Info, then choose Run Anyway as shown below.

  4. If the sync tool is already installed, you'll encounter a window asking whether to Repair or Remove CoreBridge QuickBooks Sync. Choose the Repair option.

  5. Click Finish.
  6. If you're presented with a window asking "Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device?" choose Yes.
  7. Proceed through the installation steps. 
  8. On the final installation step, select the option Launch CoreBridge QuickBooks Sync if it is not already selected.
  9. Click Close. The sync tool will then display on your desktop.
  10. A desktop shortcut named CoreBridge QuickBooks Sync will also be created.

Finding the Sync Tool

  • When you minimize the sync tool, the CoreBridge icon will be displayed on the Taskbar in Windows. 
  • When you close the sync tool, the icon can be found in the system tray/notification area.
  • If the sync tool is not running, you can open it with the desktop shortcut named CoreBridge QuickBooks Sync.
  • If the sync tool was previously open then closed without the computer being rebooted, it is still running in the background. In this instance it will need to be opened by using the icon in the Windows tray instead of by using the desktop icon.
  • The CoreBridge icon looks like this:
    CoreBridge logo

Syncing Data to QuickBooks

  • Do NOT attempt to perform a 1st Sync on your own!
  • The 1st Sync to your accounting software should be performed with a CoreBridge support team member over a web meeting.