[In Process]

Justin's Notes:

  • No location (class) syncing - not supported directly through Xero
  • Account numbers MUST be defined in CB - Xero restriction
  • Customers can't be merged through API - API doesn't allow it
  • Xero doesn't support sub accounts. It will just be a regular (top-level) account
  • Billing Items will not be sync'd
  • Billing items can't be inactivated through the api. The user should inactivate any "old" items through the Xero GUI
  • Archived or deleted (in Xero) tax rates can not be restored through the API. They must be created by hand in Xero
  • Only one AR account is available in Xero. User must select "deposit/customer credit" account (place to hold unapplied payments) during setup
  • Payment transactions can only be voided through the UI - API doesn't allow it
  • Paid invoices, credit Memos, overpayments can't be voided through the UI. The user will need to manually remove all payments through the UI if one of these items needs to be voided. ¬†Once voided, they can't be changed so make sure to change Number to something that will not conflict with anything from CB in the future
  • Invoices that sync over will not attach existing payments to them. Any payments will have to be manually applied. I am looking at adding notes to the sync interface telling the user what they will need to do
  • Refund, Bad Debt and NSF payments will not be handled through the sync. They must be created manually in Xero
  • Purchase Orders are also not included at this point
  • StoreCredit Credit Memos will store 'StoreCredit' name in Reference, not in number
  • Any invoice with a payment applied cannot be fixed. All payments must be unapplied first
  • No "Master" account syncing