This article outlines the steps to setting up your CoreBridge - Accounting Syncing Process.  

For more details about accounting in CoreBridge please review this article. 

Getting Started

Before you can begin syncing your CoreBridge System to your Accounting System you need to Go Live!

Please review this article for details on how to Go Live. 

Syncing Setup Steps

The accounting sync is unique for each center. There are specific steps that you must follow to get your CoreBridge system and your accounting software configured properly. The sync cannot simply be turned on.


1. Contact Support - Start Setup Process

When you Go Live, CoreBridge support will reach out to you via email to start the process. If you have not heard from a support agent within 3 business days of going live, please open a support ticket with the subject, “Need help setting up accounting sync”.

2. Answer Questions

We will send you several questions that need to be answered completely and specifically in order to properly provision your CoreBridge system. Once we have received answers to all questions, we will be able to provision your system. There are times that we may need further information from you based on your answers.

3. Complete Setup

Once answers to all questions have been received, we will provision your system and send you information and links to support articles that you will need to review. You will also need to complete all setup steps in the articles. A critical step is matching G/L accounts between CoreBridge and your accounting software. If your accountant will be assisting with that step, you are welcome to, and we recommend, including your accountant on the support ticket.

4. Contact Support - After Setup Complete

When all setup steps have been completed, please reply back to your support ticket. A support agent will review your system to determine that all setup steps have been completed. If all of the setup steps have not been completed, you will be notified and asked to complete any remaining steps.

5. Schedule Your 1st Sync Meeting

Once we confirm that all setup steps have been completed, we will send you a scheduling link. Please use the link to setup your 1st Sync Meeting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a franchise and your corporate office performs your 1st sync for you without the assistance of CoreBridge support, this article will not pertain to you. If you do not know whether or not your corporate office performs your 1st sync for you without the assistance of CoreBridge Support, feel free to reach out to us and ask - we will help you figure out who to contact.