This article only applies to:

  • Users utilizing the Full Sync to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Users who want to sync tax liability as line items on an invoice instead of the typical location in the totals section.

Tax liabilities (by agency) can be synced as line items on an Invoice instead of using the built-in Tax Agency / Tax Group structure in QuickBooks. We recommend working with your accountant if you're unfamiliar with any of the QuickBooks setup steps.


  1. In QuickBooks, create the following 2 records:
    • Sales Tax Item
      • Sales Tax Name:  Line Item Tax Agency
      • Description:  Line Item Taxes
      • Tax Rate (%):  0.0%
      • Tax Vendor:  Leave Blank
    • Sales Tax Group
      • Group Name:  Line Item Tax
      • Description:  Line Item Taxes
      • Tax Item:  Use "Line Item Tax Agency" that you just created.
  2. On the CoreBridge sync tool, go to the Settings > Settings tab and:
    1. Check the Sync Taxes as Line Item check box.
    2. Click Refresh List next to Sales Tax Group and choose Line Item Tax from the drop-down. (The Tax Group you just created)
    3. Click Save & Validate Settings.

The next time you sync:

  • Invoices in QuickBooks will be assigned the Tax Group Line Item Tax as saved on the sync tool.
  • The invoice footer will show $0.00 tax.
  • Tax agency liabilities will display as line items, similar to the screenshot below.


What happens in QuickBooks?

The Tax Group that was created is used on the invoice footer to record no tax.

The Tax Group name from the invoice in CoreBridge is used for the line item tax in QuickBooks. The line item is type "Sales Tax Item"

How will this affect how I pay Sales Tax in QuickBooks?

Tax Liability reports in QuickBooks will appear differently but the totals will be the same. You must rely on CoreBridge reports for a detailed breakdown of Sales Tax Liability.

Will this change affect historical invoices?

No. Only invoices synced to QuickBooks after the change to the sync tool will be affected.

Will line item taxes show up in Sales reports in QuickBooks?

No. Line Item taxes are tax agencies and will not affect your Sales reports in QuickBooks. Taxes are still tracked as a liability.

What happens if I unselect the option later on after I have already selected it?

Invoices from that point forward will post to the invoice footer and not as line items on the next sync.