This article will guide you through performing a sync from CoreBridge to Xero.

These steps should only be performed if you have gone through a 1st sync with a CoreBridge support agent. If a first sync has not been performed, following these steps may create erroneous data in Xero.


A. Authorize

  1. In CoreBridge, navigate to Accounting Module > Accounting Export > Setup tab.

  2. Click the Connect to Xero button.
    (your system will look like one of these screenshots)

  3. A browser window from Xero will open. Enter your Xero credentials and click Log in.

  4. If presented with more than one Xero company, choose the company your CoreBridge system syncs to.

  5. Click Allow access for 30 mins.

B. Sync

Your system must be authorized before performing a sync. See "A. Authorize"

  1. Click the Sync tab then click Begin Sync.