This article will guide you through QuickBooks Desktop settings that are required when syncing/importing data from CoreBridge.


  1. In QuickBooks, select Edit from the menu bar then select Preferences.

    • The Preferences window will be displayed.
  2. Accounting
    • In the Preferences window, select Accounting then select Company Preferences.
    • In the ACCOUNTS section, enable:
      • Use account numbers – this option is required if you assign account numbers in CoreBridge
    • In the CLASS section, enable the following option in either of these two scenarios if you want to separate locations by class on class-enabled reports:
      • You have a single CoreBridge system with multiple locations.
      • You have multiple CoreBridge systems and more than one syncs to the same QuickBooks company file.

      • Use class tracking for transactions
    • In the CLOSING DATE section:
      • If there is a closing date set with a password, the CoreBridge sync will not be able to write or access transactions on or before that date. If the sync needs to access a closed transaction the sync will fail causing data to not be recorded in QuickBooks.

  3. Integrated Applications
    • In the Preferences window, select Integrated Applications then select Company Preferences.
    • Disable:
      • Don't allow any applications to access this company file
    • If this option is enabled the sync cannot function.

  4. Payments
    • In the Preferences window, select Payments then select Company Preferences.
    • In the RECEIVE PAYMENTS sections, enable:
      • Use Undeposited Funds as a default deposit to account
  5. Sales Tax
    • In the Preferences window, select Sales Tax then select Company Preferences.
    • Select the Yes option for Do you charge sales tax?
    • In the SET UP SALES TAX ITEM section:
      • Select a sales tax item in the dropdown: Your most common sales tax item
      • If no sales tax items exist one must be created.
      • The name doesn't matter. 
      • The sync will not use this item, it just needs to exist.
  6. Click OK to save and close the Preferences window.