Entering a new customer into your CoreBridge system allows you to track customer information, including contacts, estimates, orders, and more.

Entering a New Customer

  1. Navigate to Sales Module > Customers > + Create New
  2. Enter the customer's information. Required fields are indicated.

        NOTE:  Each contact's email must be unique under that customer. The contact email will be used as the username for this contact's Customer Portal (if enabled).

  3. Select the Salesperson to be assigned to this customer
  4. If you have more than one location, select which location will primarily service this customer
  5. Select the customer's default tax group.

        NOTE:  If the customer has tax-exempt status, this will be set after the customer is created.

  6. Select the Customer Origination
  7. Select their Industry Type
  8. Set the Master Account, if applicable. 
  9. Click Create Customer.