The customer information page is the primary place to view and edit customer information, billing address, and location information.  

In the Sales Module, navigate to the Customer record, and select the Information tab.

(A) Customer's Name:  The customer's name will be displayed here.

  1. To editclick edit name.

  2. In the modal window, change the customer's name as needed.
  3. Click Update.

(B) Customer Created Date and Status:  View the customer creation date and current status. The Customer Status Basics article provides additional details.  

(C) Customer logo:  Click here to upload the customer's logo. This logo will be displayed on the customer's information page.

(D) In-Store Credit:  If the customer has in-store credit, the amount will show here.  

  • Click on the In-Store Credit tab for a detailed credit history.

(E) Balanced Owed and Active Orders:  Balanced Owed is the current balance owed by the customer. Active Orders includes all orders in WIP, Built, or Completed status.

  • Hover over the value for each section to see a breakdown.

(F) Customer Phone and Website Information:  Enter the main phone number, fax number, and website URL for this customer.

  1.  To change, click update.

  2. In the modal window, update the phone and fax number.
  3. Other Phone allows you to enter an additional phone number for the customer. Choose the phone type from the Dropdown menu.
  4. Enter the customer's website URL.
  5. Click Update.

(G) Customer Billing Address:  This is the current billing address for this customer.

  1. To edit the billing address, click update.

  2. In the modal window, update the updated billing address.
  3. Click Update.
        NOTE:  A customer can only have a single billing address.


(H) Add a new location:  Add an additional shipping location for this customer.

  1.  To add an additional location for this customer, click + Add New Location.

  2. In the modal window, enter in the address information for the new location.
  3. Select the Sales Center.
  4. Select the Tax Group for this location.
  5. Click Add.

(I) Update Details:  Update location address, sales center, and tax group. 

  1. To edit, click Update Details.

  2. Edit the address information.
  3. You can change the Sales Center.
  4. You can change the Tax Group.
  5. Click Update.

(J) Access the Customer Portal for this customer:  This allows you to view the Portal as the customer sees it and can help you assist customers with questions.  

(K) Merge Customers:  Combine two existing customers. For more information on merging customers, please visit the Merging a Customer article.

NOTE:  You CANNOT undo a merge.