A collection is a grouping of products to be displayed in a Store. To manage collections, navigate to Admin Panel > Merchandise > Collections.

Adding a new Collection

  1. Click +Collection.
  2. Enter the Collection Title. This will display on the store.
  3. Enter a Navigation Label. This will display on store menus. 
  4. Enter a Display Order for the collection. Collections with lower display numbers are shown first on the navigation menu.
  5. Check the Featured Collection box to display this collection on the store homepage.
  6. Check the Show Child Collections in Navigation to display any associated child collections on this collection's page.

  7. Upload an image for this collection. If you choose to not upload an image, a blank box will be shown to the user.
  8. Enter SEO Settings.

  9. Click Save.

Associating Products

  1. Click on the collection you wish to add products to.

  2. Navigate to the Associated Products tab.
  3. Click Associate Products.

  4. Check the products that belong in this collection.
  5. Click Add and Close.