Customer History allows you to see history associated with that customer. You can review historical Estimates, Orders, or Payments as well as general Account activity.

In the Sales Module, navigate to the Customer record, and select the History tab.

Orders Tab or Estimate Tab

On the Orders or Estimates tabs, you can review individual invoices and estimates. You can also print the estimate or invoice by clicking on the printer icon.

Payments Tab

On the Payments tab, you can view the customer's payment history.

In the Application column, payments that are applied to more than one item show as "Multiple". You can hover over this as shown here to view more detailed information about the payment.

Account Tab

The Account tab shows a history of changes or updates made to the customer account including contacts added, statements emailed and more.

In-Store Credit Tab

The In-store credit tab shows a history of credit that has been issued to an account and/or applied as a payment.

(A) Credit Added Balance:  Allows you to manually add in Store Credit 

  1. To manually increase store credit, click Add.

  2. Enter the Amount to Add.
  3. Enter any Reasons/Notes.
  4. Click Add Credit.

(B) Overpayment Credit Balance:  Customer overpayments on orders are automatically saved as In-Store credit but are tracked separately.

  1. To refund an overpayment credit balance, click Refund.

  2. You'll be redirected to the Process Refund screen.
  3. Select the payments to refund.
  4. Enter the refund amount.
  5. Click Process Refund.

Analytics Tab

The analytics tab shows the customer's order & sales totals for the current and previous year as well as all-time.