This article will walk you through the basics of what to expect when doing an Order History Import from signVOX. 

What Transfers Over?

  • Closed Orders (meaning it's paid in full, invoiced, and all work is completed).
    Note:  signVOX refers to these orders as invoices
  • Details of those Closed Orders
  • Order Assets and Proofs (You must have File Management in order for us to import assets) 
  • Estimates can be transferred over during the initial order history import but must be requested as this is not automatically included.

            Note: Estimates come over as READ ONLY mode 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  signVOX has modified their export and will no longer export any legacy data when you request a Data Export from signVOX. Legacy data refers to any data imported into signVOX from a prior system.


If you have additional questions about what will transfer over please don't hesitate to email us at support@corebridge.net 

What Will My Orders Look Like

Imported Orders look and contain the same information as orders that you enter in the system. However, they come over as a READ - ONLY Mode. Meaning you cannot edit or clone the order. See image below.


You can view the orders by navigating to the Order Search Page > Product Status > Import Closed. See image below.

You can view the specific part details by navigating to the Product Summary field. This is found by clicking the Edit next to the Product Names. See images below.

You can also view the specific part details by navigating to the product details page (click the blue text that says view details on the Order View page). See images below.

This will direct you to the Product View Page. You will be able to view the part details of the order in the parts note text box on this screen. See images below.

If you are importing assets you can view them by navigating to the Notes and Files of the specific order. See images below.

You can see an overview of imported orders on a customer level by navigating to the specific customer > History > Orders. See Image Below.

When Is My Order History Imported?

The Order History is imported AFTER your Go Live phase. Once you've closed out all of your pending WIP and A/R in signVOX (meaning it's paid in full, invoiced, and all work is completed) we can then import your signVOX closed orders with order detail and order assets into your CoreBridge system. We cannot import them earlier, as we cannot bring in data that has orders still in process.

Please note that you'll have a short period of time after you Go Live where you'll be running in both systems. This cannot be avoided as signVOX's WIP and A/R's can't be imported into CoreBridge.

    If you have special circumstances that need to be accommodated please email us at support@corebridge.net.

Once all of the pending WIP and A/R's in signVOX have been closed please follow the steps below:

  1. Email support@corebridge.net and let us know you are ready to migrate your Order History from signVOX.

  2. The CoreBridge Team will instruct you to follow the directions found here to retrieve your signVOX data.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: signVOX will only let you request the data from them ONCE, so don't request the data until you have closed out your pending WIP and A/Rs.

  3. Once you have received the file from signVOX, please download the file then upload it to https://corebridge.sharefile.com/filedrop

  4. The CoreBridge Team will send you a confirmation email that the file has been received.

  5. The CoreBridge Team will import the signVOX Order History and assets into your CoreBridge. Please allow 2-3 business days for this to be completed after the file has been received.

  6. The CoreBridge Team will send you a confirmation email once the import has been completed.
    NOTE:  Please take time to review your data after it has been imported. If you find any errors with the import let us know immediately so we can review and correct if needed. 

Cost of Import

There is also a one-time fee associated with imports. This fee covers BOTH the Customer and Order History import. 

You can reach out to billing@corebridge.net if you have any questions.

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions about customer imports please do not hesitate to email us at support@corebridge.net. 

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