Products are the merchandised items available for purchase on your Storefront.  When adding a new product you can enter information about your Product, set your Pricing, and choose how your Product integrates with CoreBridge. To add a new  Product, navigate to the Admin Panel > Products.

Adding a New Product

  1. Click + New Product

  2. Enter the name of the product
  3. Enter an SKU or Part #
  4. Enter an Internal Product Code if applicable
  5. Set the Minimum Selectable Quantity
  6. Set the Maximum Selectable Quantity 
  7. Enter the Retail Price
  8. Sales Price is an optional feature.  Pricing entered here will override the Retail Price.   
    • Both the overridden retail price and the sales price will be displayed to the end user.  The original price will be displayed with a strike-through line.
  9. Select whether the product is Taxable or Non-Taxable 

  10. Enter the Width and Height of your product.  Width and Height will be used by the Online Designer
  11. Enter the Length of your product
  12. Enter the Weight of your product.  Weight will be used if you are using Weight-Based Rate Shipping rules.
  13. Check Enable inventory tracking if you wish to track inventory for this Product 
  14. Enter a Display Order for your part.  Products with lower display orders will be displayed first.  
  15. Check the Display Product box to show the product on the storefront.  

    NOTE: A product must also be associated to a Category to appear in the storefront.

  16. Check the Featured Product box to display the product on the home page of the StoreFront 
  17. Check the Call for Pricing box to disable the add to cart function for this product and prompt customers to call for pricing.
  18. Enable Free Shipping on this Product or select your shipping settings from the dropdown menu

  19. Set the Integration with CoreBridge.  For more information, please refer to the Product Integration article
  20. Enter SEO Settings for the product
  21. Click Save Changes.