Your Ecommerce website has a structured hierarchy consisting of Stores, Catalogs, Collections, and Products with Add-Ons. This hierarchy determines when and where items are displayed on your Store.

NOTE:  In order for a Product to be viewed on the Store, it must be assigned to a Collection. That Collection must be associated to the Catalog assigned to the Store.


A Store is an Ecommerce website containing a catalog populated with collections and products. These Stores can be general for all customers or dedicated to one customer.  


Each Store will display one catalog at a time. A Catalog is a grouping of collections. Collection Associations within a Catalog determine the hierarchy of product collections as seen on the Store.


Collections will appear on the navigation bar as either parent or child Collection. A Collection is a grouping of Products.


Products are the merchandised items available for purchase on your Store. Each Product can include an image, product attributes, description, and Add-Ons.


Add-ons are used to gather additional information for configuring products.