The admin panel is where you will set backend settings for your Ecommerce website. Use the navigation bar on the left to the access the areas in the Admin Panel.

Key areas of the Admin Panel:

(A) Stores:  Create and manage your Ecommerce Stores

(B) Catalogs:  Create Catalogs to be displayed on the storefront. Use category associations to organize categories.

(C) Collections:  Create and manage collections, which hold products.

(D) Products:  Build the merchandised items to be sold on the Stores.  

(E) Add-Ons:  Create add-ons for products.

(F) Orders:  View Ecommerce Orders.

(G) Customers:  View company and contact information. Initiate password resets for contacts and set their storefront access.

(H) Reports:  The Contacts Report, Orders Report, and Product Sell-Through Report can be found here. 

(I) Settings:  Set the shipping methods for your Store. Preview and edit email templates for customer communications.                      Add colors and fonts for the Online Designer.