Settings allow you to control the actions end users can perform on the front end of the Online Designer. These settings can be set on the admin side of the Online Designer.  

To set the settings for a design, navigate to the online designer. Click on the gear icon.

User Settings: 

(A) User can customize design:  Uncheck this box to lock all elements of the design.  

(B) User can add shapes:  Allows the user to add lines, ellipses, and rectangles.

(C) User can add text:  Allows the user to add text boxes to the design.

(D) User can upload custom images:  Allows the user to upload an image file to use in the design.

(E) User can preview item:  Enables the eye icon for end users to preview their design.

(F) User can add custom color:  Allows users to use the swatch feature to add their own colors to designs.

(G) User can view/download PDF proof:  Enables the printer icon for end users to view and download a pdf of the design.

(H) Show quick text list (if applicable):  Allows end users to edit text using the Quick Text feature

(I) User can change text stretch mode:  Allows end users to switch between Text Wraps and Flows and Text Stretches to Fit Existing Text Box

(J) Add watermark design:  Adds a watermark to previews of the design.

(K) User can view canvas dimensions:  Allows end users to see the dimensions of the product/canvas.  

(L) Bleed:  Displays bleed to the end user.

(M) Fonts:  Choose Fonts and or Font groups for the end user to use.

(N) Colors:  Choose Colors and or Color Groups for the end user to use.