The Ingenico iPP350 Card Reader is a P2Pe card reader that is capable of processing credit card using (a) chip cards (b) magstripe cards, and (c) manually keyed entry of credit card numbers. This article will cover the installation, activation, usage and basic troubleshooting of using this card reader. For more information on credit card processing, please see the article How to Process Credit Cards Using a EMV Chip Terminal.

Table of Contents


  1. Your business is located in the United Kingdom as this reader is only compatible with processing in that country. 
  2. You have completed the sign up of a Merchant Account with Complete Merchant Solutions & Global Payment Systems.
  3. You have obtained an Ingenico iPP350 EMV Card Reader (terminal).
  4. You are using a computer with a Windows 7 or later operating system. The Mac operating system is not supported.
  5. You are using Google Chrome or Firefox, other browsers are not supported.


Installation and Setup of Terminal

CMS provides detailed instructions on their support website which will walk you through the installation and setup procedure for the terminal. 

  • Click on this link to complete the steps outlined on their site. Once complete, please continue with the steps below.

Using the Card Reader within CoreBridge

  1. Log into CoreBridge using your preferred supported internet browser (Google Chrome or Firefox).

  2. Within CoreBridge, attempt to post a payment to an order with a balance due.

  3. The payment screen will appear, please input your desired payment amount.

  4. Click the Chip button when you are ready to process the payment.

    Note: If the credit card is not a chip-based card you should still click the Chip button, after which simply slide the card through the magstripe reader at the top of the terminal.

  5. A notice will appear on the screen to complete the transaction on the terminal.

  6. Take the customer's credit card and insert it into the bottom of the EMV terminal.
    Note: Be sure the chip on the card is facing up and the card is rotated so the chip goes into the terminal first. 
    If the card does not include a chip, you may swipe the card through the top of the terminal to avoid manually entering the card number, exp date, etc.

  7. Follow the on-screen prompts on the terminal. Once Approved, you may remove the card.

  8. The Total Paid amount will be updated within CoreBridge to reflect the payment you posted.

  9. Congratulations! You have successfully posted a payment using the reader.