The Online Designer feature allows end users to customize artwork before purchasing products.  This feature is customized on a product by product basis.  Using the admin side of the Online Designer you can create a template for the end user. 

Enabling the Online Designer 

  1. Navigate to Admin Panel > Products
  2. Select a product, then navigate to the Images Tab
  3. Enable the product to be customizable
  4. Click Add Artwork

Key areas of the Online Designer

  • (A) Shapes: Add a Line, Ellipse, or Rectangle to your design
  • (B) Upload: Allows you to upload an image. Please note that images should be less than 30 MB in size.
  • (C) Text: Adds a text box to the field.  For more information, please visit the article covering Online Designer: Text Boxes.
  • (D) Undo: Undo a previous action
  • (E) Redo: Redo an action
  • (F) Delete: delete selected item
  • (G) Eye Icon: Generates a preview of the design
  • (H) Printer Icon: Generates a PDF of the design
  • (I) User permissions: Set the end user permissions for this design.  For more information, please refer to the User Permissions article.
  • (J) Save Changes: Save any changes made to the design.