Shipping calculations are based on the Shipping Option configured in the Global Settings and selected by the customer during checkout. Shipping cost rates are set on the individual product level.  To manage shipping option, navigate to Admin Panel >  Global Settings > Shipping Options

Shipping Options will appear under Step Two in checkout.  When the Customer makes a selection, shipping will be calculated based on the rules set.  

Adding a New Shipping Option

  1. Click + New Shiping Option

  2. Enter the name of the shipping option to be displayed to the customer
  3. Next enter the internal Shipping Code
  4. Select the storefront or all storefronts for which this shipping option should be available
  5. Enter a Handling Charge if applicable 
  6. Choose the country for which this shipping option applies.  
  7. Check Enable during checkout to enable this shipping option for customers to pick during checkout
  8. Enter a Display Order for the shipping option.  Options with lower display numbers will be displayed first.
  9. Click Save Changes

  10. Click on the new shipping option, then click on the Shipping Rules tab
  11. Shipping rates can be set as a Flat Rate Per Item, a Fixed Rate, a Rate Based on Quantity, or a rate Based on Weight 

  12. Navigate to the General tab for a product

  13. Scroll down to Shipping Settings

  14. Select the Shipping Cost from the dropdown menu

  15. Click Save Changes