An Inactive customer is a customer without any active estimates or orders within a set amount of time. Customers can automatically be made Inactive when they exceed a set amount of time without a new estimate or new order. This allows your most active customers to appear during a default customer search. A customer can also be made inactive manually on a customer by customer basis. Inactive customers remain in your system, but will not appear in a default customer search. An Inactive customer will automatically become Active when an estimate or order is created for that customer.

This article covers the following topics:

Setting a default time period for Inactive Customers

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Customer > Tracking > Settings.
  2. Set a time period here for a customer to be marked Inactive, then click Save Customer Settings.

How to include Inactive Customers in search results

  1. On the Customer Search page, check the Include Inactive box when performing a search.
  2. Inactive customers will appear with an Inactive status in the Status column.

How to make a single customer Inactive

  1. On the Customer Information page, locate the Customer Status below the Company name.
  2. Click Make Inactive, and confirm by clicking OK.