Text boxes can be added to designs in the Online Designer.  These items can be customized by font, color, and size.  Quick Text displays all of the editable text fields in a single form to simplify the text entry process.

To use the text function, navigate to the online designer admin panel for a Product.  For instructions on how to enable the online designer, please refer to the Online Designer article.  

Adding and Editing a Text Box

  1. Click on the text button to add a new text box.
  2. Select the text formatting from the dropdown menu 
  3. Enter text for your design
    • (A) Enter some text: Text entered in this field will appear on the design.  If left blank, the hint will display instead.
    • (B) Hint: Text entered here will display in a lighter shade of the chosen color

  4. Enter a Label here.  This will be the items label in the quick text list and the dropdown menu on the admin panel
  5. Check Allow text editing while locking all other properties to lock all the design elements for this item while still allowing the user to change the text
  6. Check Show in quick text list to include this item on the quick text list.
  7. Choose a style for your text box. 
    • Text wraps and flows will enable you to align the text within the box.
    • The Text stretches to fit the existing text box setting will allow you to change the text size by adjusting the size of your text box. 
  8. Choose a font and font size

  9. Position allows you to align text boxes based on measurements set here
  10. Size allows you to enter the sizing desired for the textbox
  11. When your design is complete, click Save Changes.