Your CoreBridge Ecommerce system comes pre-provisioned with commonly used fonts.  Custom fonts can be uploaded for use in the Online Designer. These fonts can be organized into Font Groups.

Adding New Font Groups

  1. Navigate to Admin Panel > Settings > Online Designer > Font Groups

  2. Click + New Font Group

  3. Enter a name for the font group
  4. Click Save

Adding a custom font

  1. To add custom fonts, navigate to Admin Panel > Settings > Online Designer > Fonts
  2. Click + New Font
  3. Click Upload Font
    • Supported font types are TrueType, TrueType Collections, and OpenType font 
    • Upload the normal font first, you will be able to upload the other styles on a separate screen
    • Be sure you have the necessary license for the font you're uploading.
  4. Enter a Display Name for your font
  5. Click Save.

  6. Your custom font will appear on the Custom Fonts list. Click on the upload links for Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic to upload the additional styles for your font.