This article explains how to process a negative payment in QuickBooks when using Summary Sync. 

A negative payment comes from these entries:

  • Refunds
  • Cash adjustment on a Reconciliation

This process will work for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

Since Summary Sync doesn't create individual customers or transactions in QuickBooks, any refund check will need to be handwritten.


A CoreBridge customer has been given a $100.00 refund. 

When a CB refund appears on the Journal entry in QuickBooks it is posted as a credit to Undeposited Funds.

A negative deposit cannot be recorded in QuickBooks so a journal entry is needed to move the amount out of Undeposited Funds and into the appropriate bank account.


  1. Create a journal entry

    • Debit: Undeposited funds
    • Credit: The bank account the refund was issued on. This could also be your Petty Cash account.

    • How to create a journal entry - Desktop: Company > Make General Journal Entries
    • How to create a journal entry - Online: Plus Symbol > Journal Entry

  2. Save the journal entry

  3. Make a $0.00 deposit by selecting both the positive and negative amounts.

    Line 1 is the $<100.00> from CoreBridge.
    Line 2 is the debit from the journal entry