This article contains Sync Errors that you may encounter when syncing to Xero with Full Sync. This does not apply to Lump Sync.

Please find the error in this article that matches the sync error. There may be a way to get past the error without opening a support ticket. 

Sync Errors

'The contact name <NAME> is already assigned to another contact. The contact name must be unique across all active contacts.'

  • "contact" refers to a Customer record.
  • There may be extra spaces in the customer name in CoreBridge. Remove any extra spaces from the name.

'The UnitAmount value "0.0000" is invalid. UnitAmount must not be equal to zero...'

  • Workaround until a fix is released:
    • Open a CoreBridge Support ticket and include a screenshot of the error so that a support agent can stop the payment from syncing.
    • Manually write off the Bad Debt in Xero.
    • The end result should be the invoice amount being reduced by the amount of the Bad Debt payment with a hit to your Bad Debt expense account. Once the write off has been completed in Xero be sure to confirm that the invoice in question matches between Xero and CoreBridge.

'Invoice not of valid status for modification. This document cannot be edited as it has a payment or credit note allocated to it.'

'This document cannot be edited as it has a payment or credit note allocated to it.'

  • One cause is that a payment has been allocated/applied to the invoice in Xero. The payment needs to be removed/un-allocated manually in Xero for the sync to be successful.
    • If payment was applied in Xero manually, please be sure that there is a matching payment in CoreBridge. The sync should be able to move payments from a voided order to the new order as long as the sync applied the payment. If a payment was manually applied in Xero the CoreBridge payment may not have been entered.
    • How to remove an Overpayment: Remove an allocated overpayment from an invoice or bill
    • How to void a Prepayment: Void a prepayment
  • A second cause is that the invoice was manually voided in Xero. Invoices that sync from CoreBridge should not be voided. If the invoice was manually voided you will need to manually fix Xero and open a ticket to request that we stop the invoice from trying to sync.
  • If you need help determining the status of transactions between CoreBridge and Xero please open a ticket and include an Invoice Report for the customer in Excel Format. (example below)
    • Contacts > Select the customer in question > View recent invoices report > Export

Error in connecting to Xero: oauth_problem.....

  • Be sure to open CoreBridge using the CoreBridge assigned URL. (e.g.

'INPUT2 is not a valid tax type for the account type REVENUE'

  • Income accounts must be type Revenue and not type Sales
  • (This issue has been fixed so that you can use either type. If you get this error please let us know)