CoreBridge allows you to combine multiple parts within a single product. Allowing each product to represent a single line item on an invoice, while having multiple parts outlined and detailed for reporting.

This article will cover the following topics:

The Part information section shows all the details relating to this part specifically. It will show the part name, part quantity, measurements, machine steps, etc. The modifier information section shows you any modifiers that are assigned to this part. The pricing information section allows you to scroll through various panels to see the pricing elements for the part. The cost information section allows you to see a breakdown of the cost factors for the part.

Navigate to Quick Price, Estimates, or Orders to enter Products.

Entering a Product with Multiple Parts

Steps for entering a product with multiple parts:

  1. Enter a Product Name.

  2. Set the Product Quantity. This is the number of this product that the customer wishes to purchase. 

  3. Choose a Product Category from the dropdown menu.

  4. Click +Add Part and select the first part that you need.

  5. Complete the Part Properties for this part.
  6. Enter the machine information, then click add.
  7. Fill in the modifier information, if applicable.
  8. Click Save Part.

  9. Click +Add Part to add any additional parts as needed.

Part and Modifier Information

Main areas of part and modifier information screen

  • (A) Name is the name of the selected part.
  • (B) Part Properties shows information selected for the part, including Part Qty, width, height, sides, etc.
  • (C) Machine Steps allows you to hover over the word Machine Steps to see the machine details including machine name, profile and run time.
  • (D) Modifier Information displays the name and properties of the modifier or modifiers chosen for this part.  

Pricing Information

The main areas of the pricing information

  • (A) Part Retail Price displays the retail price to the customer for this part.
  • (B) Modifier(s) displays the retail price to the customer for the associated modifiers. Hover over the word Modifier(s) to see the breakdown of retail price by each individual modifier. 
  • (C) Total shows the part retail price plus the modifier retail price.
  • (D) Quantity Discount reflects the discount applied to the part retail based on quantity purchased. Quantity based discounts on set on the part group level in the management module.
  • (E) Size-Based Discounts are based on the size of each item or the total size of all items, as set on the part group level in the management module.  
  • (F) Override Price allows you to view the margin on the part and associated modifiers. Override price also allows you to override pricing information and income accounts for the selected parts and modifiers.

Cost Information

Click on the green arrow on the Pricing Information section to display the costs to produce the selected part. 

  • (A) Base Part is the raw material or service cost. This calculation is based on the Part Based Cost, set under part settings in the management module
  • (B) Machines cost includes the lease and maintenance costs to create this part. This calculation is based on your machine cost per hour set in the management module.
  • (C) Machine Disposables reflect the disposable cost to produce this part, calculated based on the disposable costs entered in the management module for this machine.
  • (D) Machine Labor is employee time spent overseeing the machine including set up. This calculation is based on settings in the machine profile.
  • (E) Part Labor is additional labor not included with your machine or standard margins. This is typically only used on parts which are very labor intensive.  This calculation is based on settings on the part group level in the management module.
  • (F) Modifier costs allows you to hover over the word Modifier(s) to see a cost breakdown for the included modifiers.