The Layout Manager is an optional advanced feature that helps you maximize the use of your materials with a graphical representation of the finished size and quantity against the material. Use of the layout manager can also allow you to see material waste. If using Cost-Plus pricing on the material, you'll also have pricing options for the waste portion.

Enabling the Layout Manager

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Machines. Select one of the available machines from your machine list.
  2. Select an existing machine profile from the dropdown list or create a new profile by clicking Add Profile.
    NOTE:  Each machine can have multiple profiles. You may choose to have one profile which uses the layout manager, and one that does not.

  3. Click Enable Layout Manager.  
  4. Click Save Machine Settings.

  5. Once the profile has been updated, click on the Layout Manager tab.
  6. Enter the Layout Margin which is the unprintable area around the edges of the material. This will be taken into account when the system lays out the finished items.
  7. Enter the Maximum Width of the machine.
  8. Enter the Leading Edge, how much material is not printable due to a gripper or leader needed on the machine.
  9. Select the Orientation from the dropdown menu. For sheetfed machines with a leading edge, choose either Portrait or Landscape. For roll-fed machines choose Roll.
  10. If your machine prints a Color Bar, enable it by entering the width of the color bar. To disable, select None.
  11. Check Custom Waste Calculation to charge for waste.

    NOTE:  Changes made here will affect the final retail price on parts using Cost-plus pricing.

  12. Click Save Machine Settings.

Layout Manager in Order Entry

  • (A) Set Gutter:  Set gutter for the part.
  • (B) Set Bleed:  Set bleed for the part. Bleed will automatically add the necessary Gutter.
  • (C) Ignore Machine Margin:  Check the box to remove the machine margin and leading edge.
  • (D) Use Cutting:  Will add the cost and retail for cutting to the order.
  • (E) Rotate Finish Item:  Rotating the item may allow the job to be laid out more optimally and use less material.
  • (F) Use Color Bar:  Remove or include Color Bar.
  • (G) Length of Roll Required:  Length of roll needed based on how the part fits on the material.
  • (H) Roll Waste:  Material waste based on how the part fits on the material.
  • (I) Number Of Finished Cuts:  Number of cuts needed to remove the part from the material.
  • (J) Leading Edge:  The leading edge as set in the machine settings.
  • (K) Machine Margin:  The unprintable area around the edges of the material as set in the machine settings.