Adding your machines' cost information is an important step in setting up your CoreBridge system. It will allow you to track your machine and Disposable Costs as well as Machine Labor, whether you are using Cost-Plus or Market-Based pricing. Additionally, by selecting the appropriate machine during order entry, you can then sort products by machine in the queues later.

To manage, navigate to Management Module > Machines > Manage Machines.

Setting up your Machines:

  1. Review the list of default machines. Click on the red X's to deactivate any that you do not currently use in your center.  
  2. To edit an existing machine, select one of the machines listed that you're using in your business.

  3. Select whether this is a Roll Fed Machine, Sheet Fed Machine, or Other.
  4. Enter the full detailed name of the machine. This will only appear here for reference.
  5. Input your machine's IP Address. This is only for reference but is a helpful location to record it.
  6. Enter the name you want your machine to be called within the system. This will be visible internally throughout the system.
  7. If you have more than one location, select the machine's location from the drop-down menu.
  8. Enter your Machine Cost per Hour. For assistance in calculating this rate, click on the Machine Cost Worksheet.

  9. Set up your Machine Profiles. Select a current profile from the drop-down menu to edit. Click + Add Profile to add any additional profiles as needed.

    NOTE:  Each machine must have at least profile. Additional profiles are only needed if the cost or set up information is different for different print profiles, for example, a CMYK profile vs. a CMYK+W profile. 

  10. Enter the Machine Profile Name
  11. Enter the machine Disposable Cost. These costs should include items such as inks, toner, bits, heads etc. Work with the machine's manufacturer for the most accurate disposable costs if you're not sure.
  12. Select the unit of measurement from the drop-down menu.
  13. Enter the Initial Setup Cost. This should be a flat cost that is added to each job using this machine. If there is no cost associated with the machine set up, enter "0.00" here.
  14. Enter the Initial Setup Time. This is how many minutes it takes on average for the machine to set up for each run using this profile. We recommend dividing the average setup time by the average number of jobs per run. This will assist in machine scheduling & labor costs.
  15. For Labor Percentage, enter the percentage of time that an employee must attend to this machine while it is running.  

        NOTE:  If two employees are needed, add their time together. Example:  If a machine takes two employees full time, the percentage is 200%.

  16. Part Override Options
    • (A)  Override Part Income Account
    • (B)  Override Part Price Calculations
    • (C) Override Part Second Side Adjustment Percentage

  17. Check Enable Layout Manager to use the Layout Manager for this profile. For more information please refer to the Layout Manager article.
  18. Profile Speed settings allow you to select variable output speeds for each machine and assist in estimating runtime and scheduling. At least one speed setting is required for each machine profile.

        NOTE:  We recommend contacting your machine manufacturer for the most up-to-date speed settings. These settings are important to tracking machine costs accurately. When using Market Based pricing, these settings will only affect your cost and margin. When using Cost-Plus pricing, this will affect the customer's retail price.

  19. Click Save Machine Settings.