All customer pricing functionality is done within the Sales Module. There are three different ways to get pricing out of the system:  Quick Price, Estimates & Orders.

Estimates & Orders both require that you enter company information on the first step. This pulls in any customer settings you may have for that customer, including pricing or tax brackets.

Quick Price does not require customer information which makes it ideal for quoting prices to customers who call in or stop by looking for basic prices.


An order (or an estimate) contains one or more Products. A Product is a completed, finished item that is made up of one or more Parts, and shows up as a single line on an invoice. Everything within this box shows up as a Line Item on an Invoice or Estimate.

Entering Products:

  1. Open a Quick Price, Estimate, or Order.  (Estimates & Orders will require you to select a customer & enter an order description)
  2. Enter the Product Name. Product names will always be displayed to the customer.  
  3. Enter the Product Quantity, the number of finished items the customer is purchasing.
  4. To add product notes, click Manage Products Notes.  

  5. A window will appear.
    • (A) Click on a tab to review past Product Notes.
    • (B) To enter a new note, check the boxes for the groups that need to see the notes. Then, write the note in the space provided.

    • (C) Click Save Notes. Additional notes can be added, but once you click save, notes cannot be edited.

  6. Select a Product Category from the dropdown menu. Product categories allow you to track the finished products that your customers purchase, in the Reports Module.
  7. Parts make up a product. Parts are raw materials, substrates or service items that are set up in the Management Module. Click + Add Part to choose from a list of Parts.

  8. Select a Part.
    • (A) Sort through the list of Parts by entering the Part in the Search field.
    • (B) Find the Part you need by selecting the Part Category to filter the results.

      NOTE:  Parts can be assigned to multiple Part Categories in the Management Module.
  9. Enter the Part Qty. Part Quantity refers to the number of Parts you need for ONE finished Product.
  10. Enter the Part Properties including colors, dimensions, number of sides, etc.

    NOTE:  Each Part has different components that can be customized in the Management Module.

  11. Select the Machine from the dropdown menu.

    NOTE:  This dropdown menu only displays machines that have been associated with specific parts, which is done previously in the Management Module.

  12. Enter any Part Text or Notes as needed. This information will always be visible internally on both the digital and printed work order. This information can be hidden or made visible to your customer based on your estimate / invoice settings.
  13. Include any necessary modifiers. Modifiers are generally elements that are not sold as a stand-alone feature or item.
  14. When you have added all the necessary information for this part, click Save Part.