Managing Multiple Products and Destinations

Destinations can also be used for splitting Product Destinations. For example, an order for two posters and two banners can be split allowing one of each product to go to a different destination.
Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Navigate to the Sales Module > Order View > Address Info—you do not need to be in Order Edit to create/edit destinations. In the Address Info tab, you will see the first destination which was entered during estimate/order entry. (During initial estimate/order creation, all product quantities will be assigned to the first destination.)

  2. Click Edit to update the existing destination.

  3. In the Edit a Destination screen, update the Used Qty to the product quantities to be used for your first destination. The Address information will be as you entered it in Step 3 of estimate/order entry. Edit the address information as needed, then click Save.

  4. You will now notice alert icons that appear on the page. This indicates that you have products on the order which have NOT been assigned to a Destination. Hover over the lower icon marked "A" in the screenshot below (next to the +Create Destinations button) to display a table showing the quantity from each product that is available to assign to a destination.


  5. Next, Create a new Destination by following the steps as outlined above in Creating/Editing Destinations.