Managing Destinations in Production Workflow

As Products using Destinations move through Work In Progress, each destination will show a Pending status.

A destination's status will change to Ready once ALL the associated products for the destination are moved to the BUILT production status. Once the product is in the BUILT production status, the system switches to using the Destination status.

Destinations are managed through the use of Queues in the Production Module. Here, destinations are separated by the type of destination:  Installation, Delivery, Shipping, and Awaiting Pickup. The number inside the green circle indicates the number of destinations in the Ready status for each destination.

Once a specific Destination Queue is selected, you have the ability to adjust the queue results by using the filters at the top of the Queue. For example, selecting the status filter to show destinations in the Pending & Ready status can allow your team to see both destinations' status, and plan appropriately.

Once you have navigated to a specific Destination Queue, you can click the green + circle on the left side of each destination, to expand and get additional information. Details including Entered by, Address, Used Qty, and Due Dates for this destination are shown. Here you are also able to Add Notes or Print a Packing Slip. The orange icon to the right of the invoice number will take you to the Order View.

Destination Status can be updated right from the Queue as the work is completed.  

For more information about how to use the Queues with our integrated Shipping partner, XPS, click here.