This article will guide you through performing a sync from CoreBridge to QuickBooks Desktop.

NOTE:  You should only perform these steps if you have gone through a 1st Sync or have had a 1st Sync meeting with a CoreBridge agent. Do NOT perform these steps if you haven't gone through a 1st Sync. 

  1. Open the Sync Tool (the CoreBridge software that was downloaded from your CoreBridge system)
  2. Click "Sync Data to QuickBooks.

Finding the Sync Tool

  • If the sync tool is not running, you can open it with the desktop shortcut named CoreBridge QuickBooks Sync.
  • When you minimize the sync tool, the CoreBridge icon will be displayed on the Taskbar in Windows. 
  • When you close the sync tool, the icon can be found in the system tray/notification area.The CoreBridge icon shown on the app shortcut will look like this:

        CoreBridge logo