There are three steps to create an estimate.

This article will cover the following topics:

To enter an Estimate navigate to the Sales Module. Hover over the estimate tab. Click Create New.  

Step 1: Entering an Estimate

  1. Enter the customer's name and select it from the dropdown menu. Click the + sign to add a new customer.
  2. Enter a description that you can use to search for this estimate later. This description will also be visible on the customer's estimate.
  3. Select the Estimate Origination from the drop down menu, Estimate Origination is meant to track the reason the customer is coming back to you, and is different from Customer Origination.
  4. Enter the customer PO Number, if necessary. 
  5. Select the Order Contact from the dropdown menu. Or add a new one with the + sign.
  6. Select the Salesperson responsible for this estimate.
  7. If you have multiple locations, select the Sales Center where the estimate was sold.  
  8. The default Tax Group will automatically show and can be changed based on user permissions.
  9. When finished click Next Step.

Step 2: Creating Products

  1. Enter the Product Name. Product names will always be displayed to the customer.  
  2. Enter the Product Quantity, the number of finished items the customer is purchasing.
  3. Click Manage Product Notes to view and enter Product notes. Product notes are not seen on the estimate.
  4. Select a Product Category from the dropdown menu. Product categories allow you to track the finished products that your customers purchase, in the Reports Module.
  5. Next, Add Part(s) which make up your Product. Parts are raw materials, substrates or service items that are set up in the Management Module. Click + Add Part to choose from a list of Parts.

  6. Select a Part.

  7. Enter the Part Qty. Part Quantity refers to the number of Parts you need for ONE finished Product.
  8. Enter the Part Properties including colors, dimensions, number of sides, etc.

    NOTE:  Each Part has different components that can be customized in the Management Module.

  9. Select the Machine from the dropdown menu.

    NOTE:  This dropdown menu only displays machines that have been associated with specific parts, which is done previously in the Management Module.

  10. Enter any Part Text or Notes as needed. This information will always be visible internally on both the digital and printed work order. This information can be hidden or made visible to your customer based on your estimate / invoice settings.
  11. Include any necessary modifiers. Modifiers are generally elements that are not sold as a stand-alone feature or item.
  12. When you have added all the necessary information for this part, click Save Part.

  13. Based on your user permissions, click the arrows to review cost and pricing information.
  14. Click the +Pricing Options to show the price breaks offered for ordering various quantities.  

  15. Add additional parts and products as needed.
  16. When ready, click Next Step.

Step 3: Finalize Estimate

  • (A) Click +Add Shipping Postage to add any shipping or postage.
  • (B) Click +Advanced Pricing Options to give an overall discount on this estimate by percentage or dollar amount. User permissions and maximum discount amounts can be set in the Mangement Module.  
  • (C) Adjust the Follow-Up Date here. Estimates are organized by Follow up days in your Queues.
  • (D) To update the Billing Address on Account, check the box.
  • (E) Select the Delivery Method from the dropdown list, and adjust the address, if needed.
  • (F) Click Save Estimate to finalize the estimate.