Modifier Pricing Tiers are used to give discounts based on quantities sold. Built-in quantity discounts for your modifier are set in the Management Module and will be calculated automatically during order entry. Remember that charges for modifiers are always included in the product or line item total and these discounts are not visible to your customers. There are three methods for setting up modifier pricing tiers, maximum discounts, custom discounts, and the percentage conversion tool.  

This article covers the following topics:

If you don’t want to give a built-in discount for this modifier, set your maximum discount at 0% then click Save & Recalculate. This Modifier is now set to be charged at full price regardless of the quantity ordered. The price can also be overridden in Order entry if needed, based on user permission.

Maximum Discounts

The first method of discounting a modifier is to set the maximum discount percentage you want to offer, such as 20%. You’ll also specify the quantity breaks which offer your customers better pricing for ordering larger quantities. 

Using Maximum Discounts:

  1. Enter the maximum discount you are willing to give for this modifier.  
  2. Enter the quantities at which each price break will occur.
  3. Click Save & Recalculate.

  4. The Maximum Discount populates to the highest Quantity Break and Customer Tier. "0" will populate in the lowest Quantity Break and Customer Tier. This will auto-populate the discount chart table.

Custom Discounts

The second way to set up the discount chart table is to customize the discount percentage. You can customize each cell and then click Save Custom Discounts which will update only the cells that you have changed. 

Using Custom Discounts:

  1. Set the maximum discount to "0" to remove any current discounts.
  2. Enter the quantities at which each price break will occur.
  3. Click Save & Recalculate.

  4. Enter the desired discount percentages in each cell.
  5. Click Save Custom Discounts.
        NOTE:  Clicking the Save & Recalculate button it will reset the discounts to the default setting.

Percentage Conversion Tool

The third method for discounting a modifier is to use the percentage conversion tool.  

Using the Percentage Conversion Tool:

  1. Enter the quantities at which each price break will occur.
  2. Click Save & Recalculate.

  3. Click on the Percentage Conversion Tool link.  

  4. Fill in the chart with the dollar amount you wish to charge for the modifier.
  5. Click Convert and Save.