To review, edit, print or email an Estimate, navigate to the Sales Module, hover over Estimates, and select Search.

Enter any of the estimate criteria, for instance; estimate #, company name, description, etc., and then click Search.

From the search results, click on the estimate number to open the estimate.

(A) Edit Estimate:  Adjust aspects relating to the pricing of your parts or products.

(B) Clone Estimate:  Create a duplicate estimate, or make an order from an existing estimate.

(C) Print Estimate:  Click to see a print-ready preview of your estimate, then print from this preview.

(D) Packing Slip:  View a packing slip, then print from this preview.

(E) Email Estimate:  Email your estimate to the customer.

(F) Estimate View Settings:  Add or remove information that will appear on this estimate only. To edit the default global estimate settings, go to Management > Customers > Statements > Edit Default Display Options.

(G) Convert to Order:  Click here to convert the estimate to an Order. This will assign an invoice number. The number will be the same as the estimate number, but the prefix will be different.

(H) Cancel Estimate:  This will void an ENTIRE estimate. To void a single Product from an estimate, select Estimate: Cancelled from the drop-down menu under the Product Status.