To search for an estimate in the Sales Module, start by hovering over Estimates, and click Search.

You can look up an estimate in a variety of ways by entering or selecting information from the filters provided

  • (A) Filter by Estimate information such as Estimate #, Company Name, Product Status, etc. 
  • (B) Click the arrow next to Advanced Search Options to search by Order Origination, Client First and Client Last Name, Client Phone Number, or Order Total.
  • (C) Click Show Cancelled Estimates to include canceled estimates in your search.
  • (D) Click Generate Estimate Reports to review a range of information about your estimates.
  • (E)  Click Bulk Cancel Estimates button to allows you to bulk cancel all estimates created before the chosen date. You will see a final warning before the estimates are cancelled to confirm the date you entered and the number of estimates about to be cancelled. This process cannot be undone. 

            Of Note: This functionality is only available to System Administrator.

Click Search to find an estimate. If you click here without using any filters, the system will retrieve all your estimates.

  • (A) Click on the arrow to quickly view, edit, print, email or clone the estimate.
  • (B) To view the estimate, click on the estimate number.
  • (C) Clicking on the customer name will take you to their customer information page.