The Product View Page (Digital Work Order) is found in any of the queues in the Sales, Design, and Production Modules.  

The product view page can be accessed from the Order View Page by clicking View Details for a product. 

The Product View Page can also be accessed from the Queues. Click on the hyperlinked invoice number to navigate to that product's product view page.  

Areas of the Product View Page:

  • (A) Review details about the product including when the Order was created, when the design and production are due, who the salesperson and designer are, and the Product's current status.
  • (B) Click on the various Product Note tabs to review information, who entered it, and when. The default Product Note tab that appears first will depend on which module you're in.

       NOTE:  Any tabs that are bold contain product notes to review.

  • (C) In the Design and Production Modules, users can track the time they spend working on a product by clicking the Start and Stop buttons. 
  • (D) In the Design, Production, and Sales Modules, users can review the time that has been accumulated on a product.

  • (E) Review all the details for each of the Parts that make up a Product.

        NOTE:  The information shown for individual parts will depend on what was selected during order entry.

  • (F) Upload a proof that is specific to a certain part. This can be useful when producing complex projects.