Second-generation (2nd gen) reporting brings some significant improvements to the reporting functionality in CoreBridge. The interface is significantly more powerful and flexible, including dynamic filters, enhanced drilldown options, in-report links to customers and estimates/orders, redesigned formatting that makes exporting easier, and allows customizing what values are included in sales and cost of goods sold values at the system level. For information on how to use second-generation reports, please refer to the Using Second-Generation reports article.  

This article covers the flowing topics:  

Second-generation reports can typically be identified by the Access Legacy Reports links below the report description. Current 2nd gen reports include:

  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by Salesperson 
  • Sales by Entered By 

Settings for 2nd gen reports

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Global Settings > System Settings > Reporting.

  2. Determine which values you wish to include in sales amounts on all 2nd gen reports. In some select scenarios, a report may intentionally ignore these settings depending on the report's purpose.

    • (A) Discounts: Order level discounts

    • (B) Shipping: as set in Step 3 of Order Entry or the XPS integration (if enabled)

    • (C) Postage: as set in Step 3 of Order Entry

    • (D) Tax: based on the applicable Tax Group or the Avalara Integration (if enabled)

  3. Determine which values are included in COGS/Gross Margin amounts on all reports. In some select scenarios, a report may intentionally ignore these settings depending on the report's purpose.
    • (A) Material Cost: material cost based on parts, modifiers, layout modifiers, including machine disposables
    • (B) Labor Costs: part labor and machine labor
    • (C) Machine Costs: machine cost excluding machine labor and machine disposables

      NOTE:  All three values must be included for reports to match the View Order Details values from the Order View page.

  4. Choose the Default Paper Size for printing reports.
  5. Click Save Settings.
        NOTE:  Second generation report settings do not affect first-generation reports.

Report Formats


Shows information summarized with the option to drill-down for additional information. Drilldown functionality is typically accessed by clicking on the Sales Amount value for that row. 


Shows additional information based on the selected report. For many sales related reports, this means order contact information can be shown by enabling the columns.

Legacy Reports

If a 2nd gen report is available and it's replacing a first-generation, or legacy report, you can still access this format.

To access legacy reports, click on Access Legacy Reports links found below the report description.