Second-Generation Reports allow more control over the information included in reporting. To view second-generation reports, navigate to the Reports Module.  

Current second-generation reports include:

  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by Salesperson 
  • Sales by Entered By 

Using the Reports: 

  1. Select the Report Type.
    • (A) Summary shows a summary of the report with the option to drilldown.
    • (B) Detail shows additional information based on the selected report.

  2. Select the desired base parameters.
  3. Click View Report.

  4. Click Show Options to change the report's base parameters.
  5. Filters are available based on report type. 
  6. Additional filters may be available. Click on the plus sign to view and include additional filters for the report.
  7. Sort the report.
  8. Select which columns to include in the report.
  9. Click the arrow and select an option to export this report to as an Excel, PDF, RTF, or CSV file.
  10. Click on the customer's name to bring you to that customer's information page.
  11. Click on an invoice number to bring you to the Order View Page.

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