To ensure that your financial records are accurate you must enter ALL payments into CoreBridge first, then perform a daily reconciliation, and finally sync it to your current accounting software. Payments can be entered for a single order on the order's view screen. For information on making payments for multiple orders, please refer to the Entering Multi-payment and Overpayments article.

Entering a payment on the Order View Screen:

  1. To enter a Payment from an order, enter the Invoice Number that you need and click Search.
  2. Click on the Invoice number that you need.

  3. On the order view page, click Enter Payment.

  4. If the customer has in-store credit, it will appear here in red.  
  5. If you would like to use that credit for this payment, select In-Store credit from the drop down menu and enter the amount you want to use for the invoice.

  6. For other Payment types, choose the type from the drop down menu.
        NOTE:  Credit card (offline) means that you aren't set up to use CMS, our integrated merchant provider.
  7. Complete the relevant fields.
  8. Click Submit Payment.