• This article is for centers using Xero accounting software and using the Summary Sync option. It does NOT apply to Xero Detail Sync.
  • The sync creates Manual Journals. They must be manually processed to be recorded.
  • All payments post to the Undeposited Funds account matched in CoreBridge. Payments need to be manually processed to appear in the appropriate bank account.

This is the page two of the test reconciliation from CoreBridge being used in examples throughout this article.

Draft Manual Journals

After a sync has completed without errors and has created a manual journal, the journal is in Draft status.

NOTE: If a journal is Voided in Xero, and the name is not changed before voiding, the journal can never sync again because Xero retains the name and the sync cannot create a journal with the same name as an existing one. If a Voided journal needs to be added to Xero again, it will need to be added manually.

  1. In Xero:
    1. In the Accounting menu, select Reports
    2. Under Accounting, click Journal Report
    3. Select a date range if needed
    4. Click Manual Journals
    5. Click Draft
    6. A list is displayed
  2. To post a journal, there are 2 options.
    1. Select the CoreBridge journal and click Post.
    2. Open the journal and click Post.


If a journal contains payments, they must be processed manually to post to a bank account.

Undeposited Funds

  • The "Undeposited Funds" Current Asset account is where all CoreBridge payments post. To relieve this account and have the funds appear in a Bank account, please follow these steps.
    1. Receive Money
    2. Select the appropriate bank account > Next

  • The total entered in the Receive Money transaction should match the amount posted to Undeposited Funds so that the Undeposited Funds balance goes to $0.00 once the Receive Money transaction is saved.

  • You can use the CoreBridge Reconciliation report to determine the amount that needs to be entered in Receive Payment for each journal entry that includes payments. You can enter the Lump Sum amount that posted or you can break up the Lump Sum amount into individual lines to represent individual payments.

  • From = CoreBridge Import (or the contact created during setup)
    1. Enter this information for each line on the Receive Money transaction
      • QTY = 1
      • Unit Price = Lump Sum amount or individual amount
      • Account = Undeposited Funds (or the account that you matched to CoreBridge during setup)
    2. Click Save
  • Once the Receive Money transaction has been saved, confirm that the Undeposited Funds account has a $0.00 balance

  • To process a Refund, create a Spend Money transaction and process the same way as a Receive Money transaction.