The Overrides Tab on the Order View page allows certain users to override order validation settings, product statuses, and payments. Override abilities are based on permission settings for users, as set in the Management Module. For instance, if you set your ordering rules to require a deposit on all orders, only users with permission can override this requirement.

To override an order validation, product status, or payment, navigate to the invoice's Order View page. Then click on the Override Tab.

    NOTE:  If the Overrides tab is blank, you do not have permission to override an action. 

Areas of the Override Tab:

  • (A) Order Validation:  Allows you to remove any restrictions to product statuses for the life of the order.
    1. Check the box.
    2. Enter a reason for the override.
    3. Click Submit Override.

  • (B) Product Status:  Allows you to move a product back in the work flow. For instance, if a product doesn't pass quality review and has to moved back into WIP : In Production.
    1. Select a new status from the dropdown menu.
    2. Click Submit Override.

  • (C) Payments
    1. Edit a Payment.
    2. Click the Refund button to be redirected to the refund screen.
    3. Edit a previously entered Refund.
    4. Remove Check allows you to remove a returned check.

Setting Order Restriction Access Rights:

For system administrators looking to update user permissions for this area, navigate to the user information page, and select Access Rights. To allow, check the boxes for the appropriate permission, and click Save All User Settings.