Customers often send a payment for multiple jobs. CoreBridge allows you to enter a single payment for multiple invoices, and create an in-store credit when a customer sends an overpayment.

Entering Multi-payment and Overpayments:

  1. Navigate to Sales Module > Customers > Payments.

  2. Enter the customer name, and select from the dropdown menu, or click on the magnifying glass to search for the customer.

  3. A list of orders with open payments will populate.
  4. Enter a payment amount.
  5. Check the boxes on the left for the invoices that you want to include in your payment.
  6. If the customer isn't paying the full amount due on the invoice, you can edit the amount.
  7. The total Payment Amount for all selected invoices will be shown here.
  8. Overpayments are flagged in red at the bottom of the page. If an overpayment is made, in-store credit will be issued.
  9. Click Select Payment Method.

  10. Select the Payment Type.
  11. Fill out the relevant fields and click Submit Payment.

Note: CoreBridge is not able to process over-payments when using the online credit card option. If you are receiving an overpayment from your customer and need to use the online credit card option as a form of payment, you will need to apply the full amount to an invoice first. You can then process a refund to an in-store credit after the online credit card payment has batched. 

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