CoreBridge allows you to enter a refund for a payment previously received and posted in the system.

NOTE:  If you have integrated credit card processing through Nexio, refunds should always be handled in your CoreBridge system. Posted refunds cannot be removed. 

For a partial refund using Credit Card Online.

  • Your integration with Nexio does not currently allow for partial refunds on the same day (before being batched), only voids.
  • If you attempt to refund the same day against a payment, it will void the entire payment, requiring a new payment to be entered again.
  • Wait until the original payment has been batched before processing the refund (batches typically run every night with Nexio). Alternatively, you can void the payment before reducing the Order Total.

Entering Refunds:

  1. Navigate to Sales > Customers > Payments.

  2. Click on the Process Refund tab and select the appropriate Refund Mode of Standard for offline payments or Online if processing cards through the Nexio credit card processing integration.
  3. Enter the name of the customer you need, then select the name from the dropdown menu that appears.

  4. The date range defaults to the last 30 days. If the payment was received more than 30 days ago, select the range from the dropdown to show 90 days or to show all payments. I'd recommend selecting the Show All option in the dropdown to show all payments.

  5. Check the box to the left of the customer payment that you need to refund.
  6. Enter the amount to refund.
  7. Click Process Refund.

  8. Select the Payment Type.
  9. Fill out the relevant fields and click Process Refund.

Refunding an Overpayment:

Oftentimes you made adjustments to the Order by reducing the quantity/part price or making the Order tax-exempt with full payment applied to the Order. This will show a negative balance due on the Order that needs to be refunded before the Order can be completed.

  1. To refund the Overpayment, just click the Overrides tab >Payments > Refund. Or from the Customer page > Payments > Process Refund page.

2. This will take you to the process refund page. From this page, you will need to select the date range. I'd recommend selecting the Show All option in the dropdown to show all payments. From here, you should be able to proceed with the refund as usual. 

3. You have the option to refund the overpayment using the original Payment Type or refund it to the In-Store Credit. If you refund it to In-Store Credit,  that credit is available to make payments on future orders or refund to the customer.