CoreBridge allows you to enter a refund for a payment previously received and posted in the system.

NOTE:  If you have integrated credit card processing through CMS, refunds should always be handled in your CoreBridge system.

Entering Refunds:

  1. Navigate to the Sales > Customers > Payments.

  2. Click on the Process Refund tab and select the appropriate Refund Mode of Standard for offline payments or Online if processing cards through the CMS credit card processing integration.
  3. Enter the name of the customer you need, then select the name from the dropdown menu that appears.

  4. Check the box to the left of the customer payment that you need to refund.
  5. Enter the amount to refund.
  6. Click Process Refund.

  7. Select the Payment Type.
  8. Fill out the relevant fields and click Process Refund.