The Online Designer feature allows the end customer to customize artwork before purchasing products. Please note the availability of the online designer and its features is determined on a product by product basis.  

Products using the Online Designer will be indicated with the Customize Design button. Click on the button to launch the Online Designer.

Key areas of the Online Designer:

  • (A) Shapes:  Add a Line, Ellipse, or Rectangle to your design.
  • (B) Upload:  Allows you to upload an image. Please note that images should be less than 30 MB in size.
  • (C) Text:  Adds a text box to the field.
  • (D) Undo:  Undo a previous action.
  • (E) Redo:  Redo an action.
  • (F) Delete:  Delete the selected item.
  • (G) Eye Icon:  Generates a preview of the design.
  • (H) Printer Icon:  Generates a PDF of the design.
  • (J) Quick Text:  Allows you to quickly enter your information.
  • (I) Save Changes:  Save any changes made to the design.

Here is the Vimeo link if you want to send directly to your customer: