To access the Account Dashboard, click on your username.  

This article will cover the following topics:

On the wishlist page, you can view items you've previously saved. Order history displays your previous orders with the option to quickly reorder. Under address book, you can view and edit saved addresses for use during checkout. Edit profile allows you to edit key information.


Areas of the Wishlist:

  • (A) Product Name:  Click here to navigate to the product's page.
  • (B) Configure Product:  This product needs additional information before they can be added to your cart. Click here to enter the necessary information. 
  • (C) Add to Cart:  Add the product to your current cart.  
  • (D) Delete:  Remove this item from your wishlist.

Products can be added to your wishlist from the product's view page by clicking Add to Wishlist.

Order History

Areas of Oder History:

  • (A) Search for an order by number, begin date, end date, and/or order status.
  • (B) Click reorder to add the entire order to your current cart.
  • (C) Click on the Order number or screen icon to open the Order Receipt page.

Address Book

Areas of the Address book:

  • (A) Primary Shipping:  Main shipping address.
  • (B) Primary Billing:  Main shipping address. 
  • (C) Add New Address:  Add an additional address.
  • (D) Change Address:  Edit the address.
  • (E) Set as Primary Shipping:  Set this address as the primary shipping address.
  • (F) Set as Primary Billing:  Set this address as the primary shipping address.

Edit Profile

Areas of Edit Profile:

  • (A) Email Address:  Update your email address on file.
        NOTE:  If changing your email address, you will need to use your new email address the next time you login.
  • (B) First Name:  Edit your saved first name.
  • (C) Last Name:  Update your last name.
  • (D) Phone Number:  Update the phone number on record.
  • (E) Update Profile:  Click Update Profile to save changes.
  • (F) Change Password:  Click here to be redirected to the change password page.

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