Listed below are the official recommended device specifications for CoreBridge. Please keep in mind that all systems are different, usage patterns differ from user to user, thus these are meant to serve as basic recommended guidelines for computer systems and mobile devices/tablets that will access CoreBridge. 

Note:  It is not required that your systems meet these specifications to access CoreBridge, however, to achieve the most optimal experience these are recommended. 

Computer Specifications

Operating System:  Windows 10 or Mac

  • Internet Browser:  Firefox or Google Chrome (latest official release)
  • Computer Memory:  8+ GB
  • Processor / CPU: 
    • Intel Core i3, i5, i7, i9 
    • AMD FX or Ryzen
  • Antivirus:  Included in Windows 10. No 3rd party antivirus is recommended as they tend to be resource intensive.
  • Internet Scanning / Malware software:  None active, recommend to only use on-demand or one that scans periodically during off-hours.
  • Browser Plug-Ins / Extensions:  None, these have been known to increase page-load times, slow down responsiveness, etc. 

Mobile Device/Tablet Specifications

  • Internet Browser:  Firefox or Google Chrome (latest official release)
  • Memory:  2+ GB
  • Connectivity:  LTE or WIFI

Please email us at support@corebridge.net if you have any questions or need any assistance.